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Now you can program your application inside the blueprint directory. The following command will start your application.

poetry run start

The above command will run the app function in the module. You can import your custom functions and hook it to the app function to run them.

If not you can change the entry point to a different function by changing the blueprint.main:app configuration in the pyproject.toml file.

To change the main module name, you can rename the blueprint directory. But make sure you also rename the name in the pyproject.toml file.

You can add project configuration straightly to the toml file's [app] section. You can read it in anywhere in your project by calling the following lines.

import toml
APP_CONFIG = toml.load("pyproject.toml")["app"]

app_name = APP_CONFIG['APP_NAME']

Also you can add app secrets directly to the .env file and read it anywhere from your project with the help of Python's built in os module.

import os
secret = os.environ['APP_SECRET']

This is possible because we've loaded the env file from our module. If you are replacing this module, be sure to load it again.